* At the time of the consultation, should the client decide to schedule a procedure, a $100 dollar deposit is required to book the space and time. That $100 dollar deposit is totally refundable if notified within 24 hours or more of cancellation. If not, the fee will be forfeited. Beth is a one person operation and because of her reputation and referrals, very busy. It is very difficult to reschedule a 2-3 hour appointment slot on short notice. In addition, clients are required to be on time for their appointments. Beth appreciates and values her client’s time and expects the same consideration in return. Beth does not keep clients waiting and is on a very tight schedule with procedures scheduled back to back. Client consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated. All Brow, Liner and Lip procedures include one follow up visit. There is a $75 dollar fee for tray set up and supplies at that time. Please allow AT LEAST one hour for this appointment.

* There are no children allowed in procedure room.

* If you would like a friend or family member to accompany you, we have a lovely waiting area with television and coffee!